Entertainment for those that are eight years or older is no longer going to be a problem for parents because there is a new and safe solution in the form of friv games. These are modules that are carefully vetted in order to ensure that they are both entertaining and age-appropriate. At the same time the products are delivered on a platform that is convenient and easy to use.

The Assessment, Rating and Categorization System

Parental guidance is very important and this is one platform that takes it seriously. Each game is checked for its developmental content as well as any aspects that could become a cause of concern for the parents. A careful and comprehensive system of reviews ensures that the various games are categorized correctly in order to assist the user. Not only are these products kid-friendly, they also assist in learning and skill acquisition. 

A Note for Parents

There is a very basic formula to all the designs for friv games friv2onlinegames.com. First of all they are required to communicate positive messages. Violence and other scary stuff is removed. Cool content as well as bad language is also forbidden. The checks on the product are so intense that they are able to weed out harmful consumerism, drug abuse and anti-social behavior themes. 

How to play the games

The collection is packed with information and alternatives for both parents and their children. Some of the games on offer are free so it is possible to go through a trial phase before settling on the ones that you will use. The games can be broadly divided into conceptual ones like time management, goals and logic. Others are more to do with process and general skills. 

The parent should begin by verifying the information that is provided. They can then sit down with their child and make a selection of the games that are most suitable after the pre-qualification has been satisfied. Typically there will be friv games to play at http://friv2onlinegames.com/ that focus on a number of skills including math, language, reading, reasoning, self-direction and communication. 


In an age where learning is rarely formalized, it is important to consider the option of using these types of products in order to transfer knowledge. These friv games are carefully selected in order to appeal to young children and their parents. This is because they avoid some of the pitfalls of inappropriate behavior that have become a stumbling block for standard games.